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Electronic max232 68hc11 at90s1200 Servo Camera Gyroscope LCD


I mainly work with Atmel microcontrollers for my robots because they are cheap, easy to program in chip and all tools are free.
Here is a list of useful electronic board I made for my robots and models.

max232 Max232: how to connect a microcontroller serial port to the PC serial port
at90s2313 A board to control 24 servo-motors through serial port
at90s4433 A board to interface a GAME BOY® camera to a PC through serial port
at90s2313 How to get data from a radio model gyroscope
at90s2313 A lcd driver using serial port
at90s1200 Sample programs
68HC11 Sample programs

Atmel AVR tools

Atmel website. Manufacturer.
AVR Studio. AVR assembler and simulator.
AVR GCC. C compilator for AVR.
SP12. Program to upload the program into the chip.